Dehkhoda Encyclopedia of Persian is online!

dehkhoda-200Dehkhoda Encyclopedia of Persian is finally online. It is a very belated online presence, considering the fact that there is an Iranian government-funded institution called Dehkhoda Encyclopedia Institute whose sole purpose of existence is to make this encyclopedia available to the public.

It is not clear who is behind the online version of Dehkhoda Encyclopedia of Persian at “”. Unlike Steingass’ Persian-English dictionary or Hayyim’s New Persian-English dictionary the people behind this project are completely hidden. On the website there is not any mention of the people who have worked on the project, neither there is any information about their methodology, rules of conversion, and the sources of funding. Even checking the domain name’s Whois does not show any information about the domain’s owner. Interestingly enough, despite all the ambiguities about the site’s owners they have the nerve to ask the visitors to donate to their project. Sure enough, there are also poeple who donate to the site through a free Blogger page with no information about the owner, connected to a Paypal account that does not reveal anything but a free email address.

Personally, I never dare to send money to such a website, but I appreciate their work. They have done something the government-run Dehkhoda Institute should have done years ago.

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  1. Mehrdad’s avatar

    چه اشکالی دارد که از مردم پول بخواهند؟ مگر این کار برای آنها هزینه نداشته؟ و یا برای تکمیل آن نیاز به صرف نیرو و یا هزینه ندارند؟


    1. Sourena’s avatar

      اشکالی ندارد که از مردم پول بخواهند. به شرطی که هویتشان معلوم باشد.


    2. كاربر’s avatar

      كار فرهنگي بسيار خوبي انجام شده و قابل تقدير است.
      ديگر سازمانها هم در فكر خودشان هستند و بس.


    3. sousan sadripour’s avatar

      با درود وسلام
      من برای پیدا کردن معنی لغتی وارد سایت شما شدم.
      منظور خودم را پیدا نکردم اما کار جالبی است .
      با تشکر


    4. سید محمد میری’s avatar

      خوب بود


    5. reza’s avatar

      سایت خوبی دارید


    6. ahmad’s avatar

      salam chera sayte dekhoda filter shode
      sayte khubi darin


    7. meshkat mirzaee’s avatar

      salam ali bood behetoon tabrik migam


    8. meshkat mirzaee’s avatar

      خیلی خوب بود


    9. mazi eltezani’s avatar

      filter shode haji


    10. محمد’s avatar

      خواهش!!!!!!!خواهش!!!!!!!فیلتر رو بر دارید.ممنون


    11. دکتر نظری خواه’s avatar

      از نظر من طراحی سایت خوب بود اما مطالب خیر با تشکر.



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