About me

Sourena's PictureMy name is Sourena Parham, and this is my personal website. I am an Iranian-American currently living in Williamstown, Massachusetts. I like to make websites, design anything, and every now and then cook some Iranian dishes. I’m currently working as a freelance visual artist, and enjoying life for the most part.

This site is a place to reflect on events and news, share my thoughts and ideas, show my pictures, or sometimes simply leave a link to something I find interesting, beautiful, or worthy of attention. Its is not supposed to be a regular newsletter, neither an online exhibition of my work. It is a simple website that might change over the time. I might change my mind about a post and delete it or hide it from the public. So please do not expect to find what you might have seen here before.

If you quote anything mentioned here in your website please place a link to the respective post or page. Trackback links can be found at the bottom of every piece. If you like or dislike any post here please feel free to leave a comment. If you find it offensive please explain to me why you find it offensive, and if you really find it offensive to a point that makes you too angry to comment, please leave the site. Nobody forces you to be here, and I really find it difficult to figure out what the boundaries of “verbal offense” are.

Send me your messages through the contact page.